Educator Guidelines for Exam Administration

Online Schools Portal

NBSTSA has launched a new system that uses an online portal for schools to submit their rosters and applications to test for students, and to schedule their examination offering.  You must use the portal to submit your rosters and request the test no later than 45 days prior to the test date requested. 

All applications should be submitted online through your program directors login.  Use the login button at the upper right of the NBSTSA web pages, and be sure to choose "Program Directors" to login.  Your user name is the email address of the program director.  The first time you attempt to login, submit a "forgot password," and that will send you an email with a link where you will be able to set up your password for the first time.  

Once you have logged in, you'll be able to view your school profile in our system, and you'll also be able to submit your class rosters for testing, submit your preferred examination date, and complete the scheduling process.

Please download and use our NBSTSA School User Guide to help you learn the new process.  This guide has all the information that you'll need to work through submitting your class for testing for the first time.  We've also provided instructional videos below, to help you through the process. 

School User Guide

The school user guide is your instruction manual for the process of submitting your roster, applying for your students to test, and scheduling your examination day, whether your students are testing on-campus, at a testing center, or some mix of both.  This guide is updated frequently, so always come here and use the current version, which will reflect any changes that might have happened since the last time you submitted a class for testing. 

NBSTA School User Guide

WBT On-Campus Examination Guide

Required: Notify PSI and Register Your Proctor

Notify PSI of your testing location and examination administrator/proctor by filling out an Examination Administrator Request Form. This form must be turned in for the first examination given on-campus and each time the administrator/proctor changes.

How-To Videos

We have created several how-to videos that will also help you through the process:


How-To Video: Accessing LearningBuilder and Applying for an Exam Offering

How-To Video: School Exam Application and Student List Imports

How-To Video: School Bulk Payments in LearningBuilder


Mail-in Submissions

School applications submitted through our online LearningBuilder Program Director Login (upper right)  are the preferred method for schools to interact with NBSTSA and PSI.  The online process will greatly speed you and your school through the process, and enable you to get much faster feedback from us in case we need more information or want to keep you updated on the process.  Please consider logging in to use the online process before printing and mailing applications to NBSTSA. 

All forms and student examination applications must be submitted together by mail.

Obtaining Results

We must have proof of graduation (one of the following: official notarized letter from the program director stating each student’s name, date of graduation and type of degree awarded, certificate of graduation or transcripts) in the NBSTSA office no later than 60 days after the test date. These should be entered via your program director login using the instructions in the NBSTSA School User Guide above. Students may submit graduation proof individually or the Program Director may provide proof for the entire class. Pass/fail information will not be released to you or your students until we receive appropriate graduation verification. Please note, graduate information not provided within the 60 day period will result in invalidation of candidate examination results and forfeiture of all examination fees. If a candidate’s results are invalidated, he/she will have to reapply, repay and retest to become certified.

If a Program Director provides proof of graduation, NBSTSA will e-mail them the pass/fail results for the class within about 3 business days of receipt. It is up to the Program Director if they want to release the information to the students.

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