Board of Directors

Jeff Bidwell Photo
Jeff Bidwell, CST, CSFA, FAST
(NBSTSA), Central City, KY
Gemma Fournier Photo
Gemma Fournier, MSN, RN, CST, FAST
Vice President
(NBSTSA), Youngstown, NY
Fernando Mendoza Photo
Fernando Mendoza, CST, FAST
(AST), Sherman Oaks, CA
Libby McRae Photo
Libby McRae, CST, FAST
(AST), Yakima WA
Angela Burton Photo
Angela Burton, CST, FAST
Board Member - Past President
(AST), Piedmont, SD
Scott Gallagher Photo
Scott Gallagher, MD, FACS
American College of Surgeons Representative
(ACS) Raleigh, NC
Michelle Gay Photo
Michelle Gay, MAEd, CST, FAST
Board Member
(AST) China Grove, NC
Roger Gunter Photo
Roger Gunter
Public Member
(NBSTSA) Highlands Ranch, CO
Julie LeBlanc Photo
Julie LeBlanc, CST, FAST
Board Member
(NBSTSA) Aurora, CO
Margaret Rodriguez Photo
Margaret Rodriguez, M.Ed, CST, CSFA, FAST
Board Member
(AST), El Paso, TX


Ben Price Photo
Ben Price, CAE
Cindy Friend
Recertification Administrator
Jineen Hartwell
Recertification Specialist
Tinesha Moore
Finance/HR Manager
Debbie Penrose
Administrative Assistant
Nicole Robbins
Computer Based Testing (CBT) Administrator
Linda Stewart, ICE-CCP
Meetings and Marketing Manager
Adana Syrstad
Web Based Testing (WBT) Specialist

CST Examination Review Committee

Chris Giesen, CST
ERC-CST Committee Chair
St. Augustine, FL
Stephanie Allen, BS, CST
Slidell, LA
April Anderson, AA, CST
Aberdeen, SD
Benson Bradley, CST, FAST
Riverside, CA
Rochelle Duplechian, CST, FAST
Rebecca Music, CST
Corpus Christi, TX
Aaron Morris, CST
Greenville, KY
Jon Senkowsky, MD
Arlington, TX
Emily Runions, CST
Grand Island, NY
Silviana Vina, CST
North Las Vegas, NV

CSFA Examination Review Committee

Julie Blamer, CST, CSFA
CSFA-ERC Committee Chair
Cincinnati, OH
Terry Altstiel, MD
Sturgis, SD
Rana Codrean, CST, CSFA
Tustin, CA
Beth Curry, CST, CSFA
Newark, OH
Rebecca Good, CST, CSFA, FAST
Old Hickory, TN
Laura Tiffany-Harrod, CST, CSFA
Roanoke, TX
Christie Marcotte, CST, CSFA
Longmont, CO
Darby Wacker, CST, CSFA
Glenwood, MN